• Episode Sixteen: The thyroid conundrum, part 1

    Why it’s a big issue for women and the hormone connection: Part I 

    We have the pleasure of interviewing our good friend and colleague, Alison McAllister, N.D., a highly respected naturopath in Portland Oregon. Among other things, Alison specializes in thyroid diseases. Thyroid diseases affect women 5 to 20 times higher than in men. And because the prevalence of most thyroid diseases increases with age, we see hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, thyroid autoimmunity disease, and thyroid cancers occurring most often in menopausal women. We delve into this subject at great length…so much so that we’ve had to split our conversation with Alison into two parts. We trust you will enjoy and learn much from our discussion, starting with this first episode where we ask Alison a million questions. She gives us great answers and explanations that make it easier to picture complicated concepts in your mind.

    You’ll learn:

    • A basic understanding of how the thyroid gland works and how this small organ’s functions impact overall physiology. 
    • Some of the tools used to measure the health of the thyroid gland starting with the main symptoms, physical findings, appropriate tests.
    • We sort through the most common thyroid conditions from Hypothyroidism to Hashimoto’s thyroiditis to Graves’ disease.
    • Why thyroid issues are more prevalent in women then in men and how thyroid problems and perimenopause go hand in hand.
    • The connection between underlying hormone imbalances like estrogen dominance, adrenal fatigue and low thyroid symptoms.  
    • Why so many women struggling to lose weight are shocked when a thyroid test comes back normal (and what the term “functional hypothyroidism” really means)
    • What other systems we’re looking at when treating thyroid conditions: for example, adrenal health/reproductive hormones.

    Stay tuned for Part 2 where we discuss how to address and prevent thyroid problems with diet and lifestyle adjustments, hormone rebalancing and appropriate medications. 

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  • Episode Fifteen: Time to talk about menopause (again…)

    This is our first podcast recorded in our ‘real studio’ since the pandemic started! We followed COVID-19 state guidelines but it felt great to be back here with Dan Rhiger and both Kyle and Candace!

    We decided to go back to our roots and dig into menopause. We have touched on many aspects of perimenopause and menopause in previous episodes but this episode brings it all together.

    In our previous episode, with Dr. David Zava of ZRT Laboratory, he spoke about the hormonal changes that can start as early as age 35, leading to perimenopause. In this episode, we discuss “what to expect when you are expecting menopause.”

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    Show Notes for Episode Fifteen

  • Episode Fourteen: A conversation with Dr. Zava

    Candace and Kyle get a rare chance to talk with our favorite mentor, expert and guru on hormones and hormone testing, Dr. David Zava, Ph.D., CEO and founder of ZRT Laboratory, one of the foremost hormone testing labs in the US and globally.  

    This is a challenging listen that is not only eye-opening but life-changing, chock full of the latest science and information women can use to prevent hormone imbalances from sabotaging our best efforts to feel and look great, no matter our age! 

     A biochemist by trade and a teacher at heart, Dr. Zava didn’t start out trying to build a company — as a researcher, he wanted to provide health care practitioners and patients with a deeper understanding of the role hormones play in wellness.

    The more he studied, the more test results he reviewed, and the more patient stories he heard, the more he knew he needed to channel his knowledge into something that enables people to be actively involved in their own health. 

    We are privileged to have Dr. Zava share some of his formidable knowledge and pearls of wisdom with us and our listeners. “There is no other reason to keep doing the work unless we find out a way to make the world a better place.” – Dr. David Zava

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    Show notes for Episode 14

  • Episode Eleven: The hormone questions young women aren’t afraid to ask

    Candace and Kyle chat with Julia McAvoy
    A socially distanced conversation with Julia McAvoy, Kyle’s daughter

    Kyle and Candace are welcoming Julia McAvoy for a great conversation. We’re zeroing in on younger women and their hormones, and are calling it YW-WTF for short!

    Julia is Kyle’s daughter and is as lovely as her namesake Julia, of Brideshead Revisited. She is also funny as hell and way smarter than we are. She arrived at our recording session brimming over with the kinds of questions women her age (20s-30s) are asking: hormones and birth control, hormones and weight gain, hormones and horrible periods, hormones and yeast infections, hormones and breaking up with your boyfriend every single cycle…WTF?!

    As you can guess, this is a great conversation that we think you might want to tell your youngers about…daughters, sisters and friends who may be dealing with their own hormonal WTFs and asking the same questions. Big thanks to Julia for allowing us to shine a light into the millennial mind on all things hormonal. 

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  • Episode Two: Hormonal health: the ten essential truths

    In our second episode, we share what we believe are the truths of hormone balance and menopause and we delve into the whys of testing and treatment of imbalances. We present an overview of the many symptoms women experience through life’s transitions. We encourage our listeners to ask questions and be righteously indignant at the lack of reliable information out there. We introduce bio-identical hormones as the best treatment option. And we keep coming back to: ‘It is not all in your head…and help is on the way.’

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  • Episode One: WTF is going on? What you’re feeling is NOT all in your head!

    In our first episode we introduce you, our listeners to us, the co-hosts of WTF. We share our stories, our backgrounds, and why we’re committed to having open conversations with women about matters of the body, heart and health. We promise to dig deep and get into it and we live up to those words.

    Join us and learn about the issues facing you everyday. Know that there is hope for all women and optimal aging is possible.

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