Kyle and Candace are here to talk

Kyle McAvoy and Candace Burch lead lively conversations that address the essential issues women like you face throughout life’s transitions. They bring their decades of experience specializing in hormones and women’s healthcare to shed light on PMS, menopause, sex, aging and more.

Their podcasts here on this website and on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, cover things you might be afraid or embarrassed to ask about. They have dynamic let’s-get-real discussions with experts about the heart, head, and health topics that matter most to women. 

Kyle and Candace are committed to helping women find the right questions to ask that will lead to answers for richer and healthier lives. Kyle is a women’s healthcare nurse practitioner and hormone specialist at the Pearl Women’s Center in Portland Oregon. Candace is a women’s health educator, journalist and founder of Candace and Kyle are cofounders of Menopausibilites: Hormones in Harmony, Lives in Balance.