• Episode Seventeen: From breast cancer awareness to breast cancer prevention—what you need to know

    Candace and Kyle get another chance to talk with our favorite mentor, expert and guru on hormones and hormone testing, Dr. David Zava, Ph.D., CEO and founder of ZRT Laboratory, one of the foremost hormone testing labs in the US and globally.  

    A biochemist by trade and a teacher at heart, Dr. Zava started out as a breast cancer researcher involved in international clinical trials looking into the development of breast cancers genetics and epigenetics of breast cancers.

    This is yet another challenging listen in which Dr. Zava shares his breast cancer research, as well as cutting-edge science and information women can use to prevent the hormone imbalances that put us at risk for breast cancer and what we can do to prevent a breast cancer or its recurrence.

    Here are some of the issues and answers we cover in this episode:

    • Hidden hormone imbalances and risks for breast cancer
    • What do these things have to do with breast cancer?

    – heavy metals/ environmental  toxins
    – poor diet/insulin resistance 
    – being continually stressed out/ too much Cortisol
    – not sleeping well/lack of Melatonin

    • How Environmental Chemical Carcinogens like heavy metals and xenoestrogens increase our risks for breast cancer
    • How testing our hormones can alert us to  hormonal risks for breast cancer. 
    • Why  estrogen is called “the Angel of Life” and  “the Angel of Death”
    •  How the buildup of estrogen increases risk of breast cancer (BC) and how supplementing with progesterone can reduce our risk significantly
    • When good estrogens go bad – if they go down the wrong pathways to damage DNA and lead to a BC
    • Genetics vs. Epigenetics – which is more of a risk for BC?
    • The importance of cruciferous vegetables, DIM, Indole 3 carbuncle assist the proper metabolism of estrogens
    • Obesity and the insulin connection to breast cancer 
    • Women, wine and breast cancer here and in Europe
    • Dr. Z’s suggested breast protective supplements and lifestyle changes …and so much more…

    We are privileged to have Dr. Zava share his formidable knowledge about breast cancer to help women move from awareness to action and prevent a breast cancer that may be waiting to happen. 

    “Breast cancer risks start to show up with prolonged stress, the high cortisol levels, the lack of sleep, the low melatonin, the poor appetite, the lack of exercise, etc., but if we improve our lifestyle, keep our hormones balanced… eat the right amount of the right foods (eat the rainbow), get enough sleep in a dark room, stop smoking, eat and drink in moderation, reduce our stress levels…if we do each one of those things on a regular basis…. this is going to decrease your breast cancer risk by half.”

    – Dr. David Zava

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    Show Notes to Episode Seventeen

  • Episode Twelve: So many diets! Eating smart for hormone health

    In this third part of our wide-ranging discussion with functional nutritionist, Tracy Siegel, we get into the ground rules of good nutrition, what healthy eating is – and is not – and how different diet trends from keto to intermittent fasting stack up in terms of tangible health benefits. 

    When we recorded these episodes on the essentials of good nutrition for balancing our health and hormones, reducing obesity and preventing disease, little did we know how crucial this information would become  in light of COVID-19…Emerging data during the pandemic tells us that the disease is much more lethal for those with obesity and/or diabetes, who are not only at greater risk of contracting the virus but of succumbing to it.  News like this should serve as a powerful reminder that eating right and maintaining a healthy weight not only protects us but can save our lives! 

    Join us for a fast-moving conversation that we hope will answer your ‘weighty’ questions and cheer you up with the certainty in these uncertain times that good food is good medicine!

    Show notes for Episode Twelve

  • Episode Eight: Intermittent fasting – What’s it all about?

    We’ve invited Tracy Siegel, functional nutritionist ‘extraordinaire’, back into the studio to discuss one of the most talked about diet trends out there these days – intermittent fasting. Tracy helps us understand why this way of eating has become all the rage: what it is, how it works and if it works! She also shows us the way, with a roadmap for setting up our own intermittent fasting routine for safe and effective weight loss. If you’ve been intrigued by all you’ve heard about intermittent fasting yet are unsure about its risks and benefits, much less how to try it out for yourself, you’ll want to tune in!

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  • Episode Seven: A weighty one

    Before COVID 19 turned our worlds upside down, we went into the studio to record episodes on the major health issues of weight, diet, and lifestyle choices. Today we release the first of these. Now more than ever it is so important to prevent or reverse obesity (a huge risk factor for those with COVID 19). Optimal weight should be the goal of all of us in order to optimize our health span. Our guest is Tracy Siegel, functional nutritionist. And as always, we will link back to the importance of hormone balance. Join us for a lively and informative episode.

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    Episode Seven show notes