• Episode Twelve: So many diets! Eating smart for hormone health

    In this third part of our wide-ranging discussion with functional nutritionist, Tracy Siegel, we get into the ground rules of good nutrition, what healthy eating is – and is not – and how different diet trends from keto to intermittent fasting stack up in terms of tangible health benefits. 

    When we recorded these episodes on the essentials of good nutrition for balancing our health and hormones, reducing obesity and preventing disease, little did we know how crucial this information would become  in light of COVID-19…Emerging data during the pandemic tells us that the disease is much more lethal for those with obesity and/or diabetes, who are not only at greater risk of contracting the virus but of succumbing to it.  News like this should serve as a powerful reminder that eating right and maintaining a healthy weight not only protects us but can save our lives! 

    Join us for a fast-moving conversation that we hope will answer your ‘weighty’ questions and cheer you up with the certainty in these uncertain times that good food is good medicine!

    Show notes for Episode Twelve