Episode Two: Show Notes

Podcast length: 27.07 minutes

What are the 10 essential truths about menopause? We list these (our very own summations of what we believe all women need to know about menopause.)

Testing is the only way to know for sure if you have a hormone imbalance

Don’t guess and treat, test and treat. This is huge.

Bio-identical hormones are better than synthetic hormones for you.

Symptom relief: not the only goal : there are many health benefits to hormone restoration.

You are unique: it is about you.

What is a hormone?
Some definitions: menopause/perimenopause

Hormone symphony: a metaphor for balance

Review of symptoms: belly fat, insomnia, low libido, foggy thinking, memory changes, etc.

What is a woman to do? Confusion reigns; who to talk to? 

What are the questions? Why didn’t my provider warn me of what to expect?

The average women is lost; on many meds and still feeling awful.

It is not all in your head.

Help is on the way. 

This is why we are here.