Episode Four: Why compounding pharmacists are a menopausal woman’s best friend!

Natalie Gustafson, RPh

In Episode 4 Kyle and Candace talk with Compounding Pharmacist extraordinaire, Natalie Gustafson, about how she fell in love with compounding and became determined to raise the bar on prescribed hormone therapies for women. Natalie explains how compounding pharmacists differ from those that fill our prescriptions at the local Walgreens, and why bioidentical hormones tailored to individual need are a better option than one-size-fits-all prescribing  for women seeking relief from life disrupting symptoms during perimenopause, menopause and post hysterectomy. We learn more about the history, art and science behind compounding practices and dispel common myths. We also get to hear more about the good fight compounding pharmacists  like Natalie and others have been waging on Capitol Hill for years to protect safe access to natural hormones, and we answer the all-important question: Can women rest assured that bioidentical alternatives to HRT are here to stay? 

Some additional issues and answers we delve into in this episode:

  • How bioidentical hormones differ from synthetic versions (e.g. Premarin), which natural plant substances they are made from, the different forms they can be made into (creams, gels, patches, lozenges) to ensure efficient delivery and absorption, etc.
  • How compounders are training providers to use hormone test results as a guide to safe dosing.
  • Why a compounding pharmacist is an invaluable resource for women and how to find one in your area.

Episode Four Show Notes