Episode Three: Hormone imbalances and the mother of all: estrogen dominance

The plot thickens in Episode 3 as we tackle the all-important questionAre these symptoms all in my head? My doctor says so Kyle and Candace are here to tell you that your symptoms are most definitely not in your head – but in your hormones! In this episode we dig deep into the mother of all hormone imbalances – estrogen dominance – what causes it, how to test for it, and the best natural approaches to rebalancing and relieving symptoms. Kyle shares a case study of estrogen dominance in her practice and from there we get into a lively and wide-ranging discussion of everything from periods, ovulation and birth control to PMS, perimenopause, menopause, HRT and bioidenticals.  And once and for all, we share the answer to the vexatious question “How do I know I’m in menopause?” You won’t want to miss this episode!

Show notes for Episode Three