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Episode Thirteen: Delving into the world of exercise

Taking a deep dive with a fitness expert: frank talk about the best ways to get and stay fit throughout the various phases and challenges of your life

In our latest episode, Kyle returns to the recording studio with her guest, Charli Nesbit, fitness expert and instructor. Kyle and Charli explore the importance of a regular exercise routine in women’s lives, in terms of achieving physical fitness, mental wellness and living a productive, happy  and full life (Candace intentionally sat this episode out due to some Covid 19 concerns but she will be back next episode). Join our lively conversation as we answer your questions about exercise: how much, how often, what kind, how to mix it up, how to get and stay motivated, how to get back into a routine and even how to start one in the first place. This is one episode you don’t want to miss and will give you the inspiration that you need to stay active, even during these very challenging times. 

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