Special COVID-19 Episode: Show Notes

This is a summary of our special episode podcast on COVID-19:

  • Welcome: we digress today from our usual topics to follow one of the biggest health issues in our lifetime, COVID 19
  • We provide info/education to empower you
  • Candace: is self quarantining but is sharing her thoughts and ideas remotely (Candace’s recommendations)
  • Welcome Tracy Siegel, Functional Nutritionist. Tracy shares her own journey to health and how she supports others in doing so.
  • Instructions by Orly Shani on how to make face masks.

The basics of  COVID 19 and how it is spread/prevented:

We encourage you to keep up with current CDC guidelines. We are not experts and things are changing every day

  • COVID 19: spread in respiratory droplets; it is found on surfaces. Spreads by our hands touching eyes/noses/mouths
  • Handwashing adequately: CRUCIAL
  • Social distancing: 6 feet apart: that is as far as droplets can travel through sneezes and coughs

Why are we doing this?:

  • It is critical to flatten the curve, maintain adequate health care resources
  • AT WTF: additional info to help you navigate these exceptional times:
    We read from Candace’s letter: why she is self quaranting, how she is coping, how she hopes to use her time wisely
  • Adrenal support: Tracy shares her knowledge, integrated with Candace’s input :
  • Why support your adrenals? Imperative for optimal immune system
  • What happens when we are stressed


  • sleep | find levity | find adventures | self care | exercise | healthy diet | adequate hydration | limit alcohol intake | decrease sugar in diet
  • Recipes: in Favorite Things: Chocolate fat bombs, protein bites
  • Sleep: melatonin, immune function
  • Eat breakfast | avoid hormone infected meats | dairy: same with added antbiotics | avoid environmental toxins
  • Avoid smoking:/surround yourself with positivity:reach out to others: phone/ call/face time

Our recommended supplements:

Note: these are just recommendations. Also run them by your provider

  • We discuss this study which was shared by an ND at ZRT labs
  • Melatonin MAY be helpful in fighting COVID 19: small dose at bedtime of 0.5 mg-1.0 mg
  • Vitamin C: doses up to bowel intolerance/liposomal VIt C is possible
  • Vitamin D: get tested. Your level should be between 60-80
  • N.A.C. 500-1000 mg/day
  • Zinc 25-50 mg/day
  • Raw honey: Manuka is great. It has antiviral/antibacterial properties
  • Probiotics/fermented foods

How to use all of this extra time and stay positive:

  • Make lists | reconnect | call | write
  • Learn a new skill
  • Clean closets and purge: share extras with others
  • paint a room
  • Watch fun movies/purge on series
  • Plant a ‘new Victory garden’
  • Volunteer: safely
  • Journal : losses/gains
  • Work hard to be your best selves

Kyle reads a poem by Kitty O’Meara about these times: find it in our Favorite Things