Episode Eleven: Show Notes

Here is a mix of Julia’s questions, along with questions she gathered from her friends. We did our best to answer them…please listen and let us know how we did. (Leave a review on Apple Podcasts!)

  • Do women need to take a break from hormones to let their body go “back to normal”?
  • When I am on birth control, how come some months I have a period or some kind of hormone flux and some months I don’t?
  • How do I know if I have a hormone imbalance?
  • Why does birth control make some people gain weight?
  • I get quite hormonal when I am having a period; what can I do to curb that?
  • How long does it take for birth control to stop working after I stop using it? The pill, IUD, etc.
  • How long should someone wait to go back on birth control after having a baby?
  • Can certain birth control methods affect sex drive/libido?
  • Is it bad to not have a period for a long time while on birth control?
  • What is going on in my body when I experience PMS?

Resources we mentioned in this episode:

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Family Planning Apps

Organic non-toxic tampons, pads and liners

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Bacterial Vaginosis and Yeast Infections


How Hormone Imbalance Can Cause Weight Gain